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Episode 85: Jessica Wallace looks at board composition – boardroom or directors club?

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak to Jessica Wallace about board composition. We discuss the key findings of the recent report called ‘Many are called, few are chosen’. The study looks at changes to the composition of ASX 300 boards  focusing on the non-executive pool  from 2006 to today.

Jessica is a corporate governance analyst, first in the UK and then joining Ownership Matters in Australia in 2013 where she engages with and prepares research on ASX 300 listed companies.

Ownership Matters believes that ownership does matter and that shareholders, as the owners of the company, should hold boards and management teams accountable for their performance. They highlight governance risks to clients and advocate for change, both through their research and recommendations and through an ongoing dialogue with boards and management.

Headshot of Jessica Wallace.

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