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Continued learning as skills, desires and positions grow and change over the years is incredibly important to me. Learning new things sits at the core of the top five key life lessons have guided and kept me focussed over the course of my career.

You can read more about my top five key life lessons in my story.

I listen to podcasts while I’m walking. I often have a few books on-the-go. There’s always a TED talk I’ve just watched. Dozens of interesting newsletters land in my inbox each week. I’m a member of many groups and organisations.

Here’s where I share what I’ve learnt through my own continued learning.

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The Take on Board podcast

The Take on Board podcast is my main outlet for sharing what I’ve learned through my continued learning journey. It’s also the platform where I share insights from fabulous women in the Take on Board community.

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The blogs and newsletters

Ideas to Action blog

The original (and often neglected) blog. Often tying into the work that I do, each post deep dives into an inspiring and motivating idea. It might be a TED talk. A book. A conference I went to. Something that comes out of workshop I’ve just run.

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Take on Board blog

The companion blog to the Take on Board podcast. Blog posts tend to look back on what happened with the Take on Board community over the past month.

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Take on Board special features

Take on Board special features delve into significant Take on Board podcast themes or issues.

You can read 20 tips to take on board in 2020 now, but you’ll need to sign up to the Take on Board newsletter to access other special features.

Coming soon...

Leading through a crisis: bushfires

In the first few months of 2020, the Take on Board podcast ran a series of episodes to focus on leading through a current crisis. What did the Take on Board podcast community learn during Black Summer – the catastrophic bushfires in Australia 2019-20.

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What we learnt:

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