Coffee lucky dip

Helping women to connect and reconnect

I don’t love coffee. What I do love is networking. I love sitting across the table from someone new and interesting with a hot cup between my hands (often herbal tea).

So, in January 2016 I coordinated the first of what would be many ‘coffee lucky dip’ networking opportunities. People let me know if they were interested, I put them in the ‘lucky dip’ and they were matched up with someone to meet. 

Over 120 people participated across Australia that first year. I gave them some tips on how to make the most of the catch-up. I asked them to let me know how their meetings went. Read some of the comments, lessons learnt and help offered.

I think I’ve matched hundreds of people – mainly women – through 3-4 coffee lucky dips since 2016. Some even signed up for more than one lucky dip. Friendships have formed. Research was fleshed out. Ideas were exchanged. Opportunities suggested and taken.

“Thanks so much for arranging the coffee lucky dip. You did a great job with the match-making. Llewellyn and I had lots in common but also enough that was different that I found our catch-up thought provoking, informative and rewarding. It was great to have the opportunity to make a connection outside my usual networks. Thanks!”

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