Workshop facilitation

Getting people in the room together

I see leadership as a team challenge. Back in 2016, I wrote about the skills, attributes and experience required to make the world a better place. No one person has them all.

Here’s how I think about the ‘players’ on the leadership team:

  • Those that think of stuff – who have the ideas.
  • Those that do stuff – who just gets s*%# done.
  • Those who facilitate – who holds it together.

I am… a facilitator.

I have more than two decades of facilitation experience across a range of organisations both in-house, and, since 2013, as an independent facilitator. I am a member of:

  • The Australian Facilitators Network 
  • The Institute of Learning Professionals 
  • The International Coaching Federation

I’m the one that makes sure when people come together in the room, that we come out clear on what we agreed and who is doing what and when.

We were pleased to have Helga facilitate a strategic planning session for the North East Catchment Management Authority. It was a particularly challenging time with plans constantly changing due to the pandemic lockdowns. Helga’s flexibility and patience in the lead up to our workshop was extraordinary. Helga’s facilitation was second to none. She very effectively led us to achieve the outcomes we had set. It was an efficient, worthwhile and fun experience. Thank you Helga-

My facilitation services

Strategy and planning workshop
(boards and organisations)

Bring your board, leadership team and stakeholders together to define purpose and priorities to develop a high-level plan.

Stakeholder engagement workshop

Initiate social and behavioural change by identifying and then engaging stakeholders in a safe and supportive forum.

Team or leadership development workshop

Invest in and support the team’s leadership skills through a half or full-day workshop.

Public speaking

Topical and inspirational speeches that engage business professionals and leaders at all levels in the organisation.

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