Take on Board Accelerator

Who is this for

Accelerator is a small group program for board directors looking to build on governance experience and explore challenges in a safe environment.

This practical 12-month small group (6-10 people) program brings together like-minded women and gender diverse people to support each other in their journey to build governance wisdom.

Thinking a bit bigger, tapping into 'Accelerator goldmines'

With Accelerator Dr Sarah Anderson found “a group that all thought differently, but have the common aim to make things better”. Always a good listener, Sarah also learnt the power of asking good questions in the boardroom.

When it is held

The next Accelerator will start February 2025 and will run until December 2025. Sessions will be held monthly. There are three sessions to choose from:

  • Thursday morning sessions: 7.15am - 9am
  • Thursday midday sessions: 12.15pm - 2pm
  • Friday morning sessions: 7.15am - 9am


Please contact me about the 2025 program.

Build your board portfolio and governance skills

Each year, there are two scholarship places available at 75% off the full-priced fee. Women and gender diverse people who are: Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; from culturally diverse backgrounds; living with a disability; and LGBTIQA+ will be given preference for these scholarship places. Contact me or go to TryBooking for more information.

Take on Board: Acclerator alumni post together at the annual dinner.

Helga’s Take on Board Accelerator program was terrific. Helga ensured a safe space to learn and discuss all the ins and outs of being an effective board member. I learnt lots and made really useful action plans for my improved board practice and the monthly meetings and regular follow-up ensured I carried these out. Another excellent aspect was the great network of women participants. While each had different experiences all were generous in their sharing - we learnt so much from each other and I believe will remain firm friends. Thank you so much Helga for making this extremely rewarding experience possible.

How it works

  • 1
    Select a time and book your Take on Board Accelerator spot.
  • 2
    I’ll send you the prep info the week before Accelerator starts.
  • 3
    The one hour and 45-minute sessions are held once a month.
  • 4
    We’ll look at a series of topics chosen by the group (e.g. succession planning).
  • 5
    You keep in touch with your supportive Accelerator team.

Or, maybe you need…

A small group program for women who are thinking of taking on a board director role and don’t know where to start.

Tailored coaching to develop individual board skills and support directorship progression.
Choose a 60 or 90-minute session to work on a specific board challenge.

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