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I work with people who are ready to turn talk to action

People come to me when they have a problem to solve. They have a kernel of an idea they want to talk about. They’re ready to change career. They’re looking to step into a leadership role.

They want to find their first board role. They want to know how to build their board career.

There needs to be a kernel of an idea before the talk can happen.

This is where I want the Ideas to Action blog to step in, with each post deep diving into an inspiring and motivating idea. It might be a TED talk. A book. A conference I went to. Something that comes out of workshop I’ve just run.

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Tell me if you’ve turned any of your ideas into action

Hearing about the success stories is one of the best things about my job. So, contact me and let me know if along the way any of this has sparked a kernel of an idea for you.

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I hope you’ll be inspired to turn your own ideas into action.

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