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Episode 23: Rachel Alembakis on dissecting company reports like a journalist. Information is just half the battle.

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I talk with Rachel Alembakis.

Rachel is a journalist with over 20 years of experience. One of her areas of expertise is looking at how corporate governance links with impact investment. And how the flow of environmental, social and governance analysis (ESG) analysis can help to mitigate risk and can help provide long-term investment return.

During our conversation, Rachel explains how to look at environmental, social and corporate governance issues using two main perspectives and how they impact institutional investors and corporations.

Rachel explains two big changes in Australia that corporations and boards need to have on their radars: climate change and the modern slavery act.

But knowing where to get the information is just half the battle, interrogating it and understanding it is up to all board members and not just the seasoned journalists.

Find out more about Rachel:

Headshot of Rachel Alembakis.

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