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Episode 34: Jennifer George on finding your way in the tech landscape – #yougotthistechnology

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I sit down with Jennifer George to cover how you can make a valuable contribution in discussions around technology in the boardroom, even if you’re not a technology whiz.

Jennifer is the Head of Growth, Bay City Labs at Australian Computer Society (ACS). Jennifer has a background in finance. She’s made several companies (a concept she explains) and worked in more than 50 industry sectors, including new energy, biotech, telecommunications, digital twins, blockchain and smart cities.

She’s currently on the advisory panel for Smart Cities Standards Australia and was previously an advisory board member for a Little Tokyo Two, a startup incubator.

Jennifer is fearless when it comes to learning about technology and she believed anyone is capable of getting their heads around the new technology that is not going anywhere. So, grab your notebook and dive into this episode with confidence, #yougotthistechnology!

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