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Episode 148: Sandy Hansen-Wolff – unpacking the value in unconventional thinking

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’m speaking with Sandy Hanson-Wolff about unconventional thinking. First, let me tell you about Sandy. Sandy is on a University Board and an advisory board for ITL Labs, a large training platform for entrepreneurs and leaders. She was previously on the development board for a monastery and an economic development board for many years.

Sandy has owned her speaking, coaching and consulting business for decades. She has managed several turnarounds in times of extreme chaos and overwhelm. Sandy assumed responsibility of her late husband’s company in 2003, which she successfully sold in 2020.

Sandy now coaches business owners, executives and leaders and speaks on topics of negotiation, business success, scaling strategies, emotional intelligence, employee engagement and culture, rebuilding business, as well as aligning intuitive strategies to profits. She’s a certified executive and leadership coach and a certified emotional intelligence assessor.

She is also a mastermind peer group facilitator of business leaders, and serves on boards. You can see why I got Sandy here today she’s talking the Take on Board language!

Sandy Hansen-Wolff

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