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Episode 250: Leanne Hart explains what boards need to understand about psychosocial hazards

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Today on the Take on Board podcast I’m speaking with Leanne Hart about the boards role in managing psychosocial hazards.

Leanne was formerly on the board of Alongside PTSD Partner Support, an organisation focused on PTSD education for the partners and families of frontline and emergency service first responders.

Today she is the founder of Hart2Heart Wellbeing. She’s a trauma-informed facilitator and coach who helps leaders get on top of the things that cause stress at work, so they and their team can feel better and do better. Leanne takes an integrated approach to workplace wellbeing and combines her local and global experience and qualifications in people and culture, leadership development, management, embodiment coaching, exercise science, fitness management and community yoga.

Professional photograph head and shoulders shot of Leanne Hart

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