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Episode 146: Strategy session – Mallory Pehm takes her first steps into the boardroom

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, we are doing an on-air strategy session looking at first steps into the boardroom with Mallory Pehm.

Mallory has an education and background in public health, and is currently in the early stages of her career, currently working in strategy and planning at a public health service in Victoria. She has been involved, through that role, in organisational strategy development, implementation and performance measurement.

Mallory has always been interested in pursuing leadership roles but only recently, through talking to peers and mentors, she realised, volunteering on a board now could be a really great way to develop those leadership and governance skills now, rather than waiting to gain experience in those things later in her career.

I met Mallory at a program called Asista, which is a mentoring program run through the YWCA, where volunteer mentors get matched up with a young woman and work with her on agreed goals.

Mallory is looking at options for starting on her very first board role and we look at ways she can get started!

Mallory Pehm

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