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Take on Board breakfast recap, November 2018

Thanks to everyone who joined me at the November Take on Board breakfast and, in particular, to our fabulous speakers Liberty Sanger and Alecia Rathbone for their informative, insightful and interesting stories and tips.

Up to 10 different women can be seen at different tables at November 2017's Take on Board breakfast, talking, listening, eating breakfast.

Summary of key points

Getting on a board: 

  • Think about your value, you’re not just adding to your CV.
  • It’s a role with lots of work so make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and have the drive and purpose to do, and do well.
  • ‘Not qualified’ is not necessarily a barrier  you can feel your way around the strategic versus operational issues.

Being on a board:

  • Look for boards that encourage diversity (age, cultural etc) (“with the evidence from the Financial Services Royal Commission, never has there been a more powerful message for diversity”)
  • Know the difference between operational and governance work.
  • Prepare for meetings so you can ask great questions that add value  read your papers, understand the organisation and the sector and add the value of your experience.

Other points of note:

  • Know why your organisation exists  your ‘why’  particularly if going through challenges and/or mergers.
  • Extend opportunities to others who are coming behind you.
  • Tips and tricks.
  • Network!
  • Prepare a Board resume.
  • Do some training like the AICD Company Directors Course.
  • Join a not-for-profit board to build your skills and experience.
A collage of words provided as feedback from the women who attended November's Take on Board breakfast - insightful, inspiring, interesting, informative, etc.

A sample of the feedback from breakfast

  • There was a valuable amount of time to discuss around the table, after each speaker.
  • Two great speakers, lots of concepts.
  • Guest speakers were fantastic, great insights and advice.
  • Great agenda and time management.
  • The morning was very enjoyable, smooth and timely.
  • Really engaging speakers  some practical tips
  • Professionally organised.
  • Hearing through experience  the two speakers were fantastic.
  • Great passion and knowledge from speakers  shared case studies.
  • Speakers were great and provided lots of relevant insights.
  • Stimulating table conversation.
  • Really useful points and tips from speakers.
  • Loved the format  table talk, speakers and Q&A.
  • Opportunity to network.
  • Loved how easy it was to network.
  • Good to hear about current/emerging issues for boards.
The November Take on Board breakfast information booklet stands on top an empty breakfast table.
Take on Board logo. A black-and-white split into tow halves. 'Take on' in black font on a white background on top. 'Podcast is white font on a back background on the bottom.

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