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Take on Board breakfast recap, June 2015

Thanks to everyone who attended the June Take on Board breakfast, in particular the fabulous speakers Cheryl Batagol and Rachel Watson.

At the Take on Board breakfast un June 2015. I'm wearing a blue dress and stand while talking to two women who are sitting at one of the round breakfast tables. Women are talking around the table behind me.

Key messages

Why be on a board?

  • To expand your knowledge and networks.
  • It’s an effective way to ‘give back’.
  • To mix with the other interesting people on the board.
  • To ‘signal ambition’ in your career.

How to get on a board?

  • Be noticed – step forward. It’s amazing what happen when you put one foot in front of the other one.
  • Being on a NFP board is the best experience you’ll ever get.
  • Follow your values.
  • Step up – say ‘yes, I’ll do that’.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea at the start – talk to staff, stakeholders, others about the organisation and you’ll learn.

One of the questions was about the Victorian Women’s Register. If you are interested in board roles and not already on this register, get on it. It now seems that all Victorian Government board roles are distributed to the list.

Feedback about the breakfast

Experienced, passionate speakers

  • Great choice of speakers
  • Speakers were great – relaxed and informal with so much useful information presented
  • The speakers were fantastic – very inspirational
  • Speaker’s insights
  • Interesting speakers – engaging and proactive tips
  • Great speakers – depth of experience
  • Engaging speakers and clearly wanting to help others re: boards
  • The contrast of speakers’ personality and experience
  • Speakers were very informative
  • The speakers talking so honestly
  • Rachel and Cheryl were very interesting guest speakers and gave a great insight to being on a board
  • Speakers were fabulous!
  • Inspiring speakers covering a range of topics
  • Speakers were really honest and useful
  • Great speakers – relaxed, knowledgeable
  • Speakers were excellent
  • Insights from speakers
  • Speakers were generous
  • Good discussion, interesting speakers
  • Warm, modest, approachable speakers
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