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Coffee lucky dip feedback, 2017

The 2017 coffee catch-up lucky dip is off to a great start.

By meeting with a range of different people you will explore perspectives you haven’t thought of previously. Added bonus: you’ll meet some really interesting people! This is what networking is about. It’s not about having the most LinkedIn contacts, or the most business cards – it’s about building personal relationships. And then using those relationships to genuinely and curiously explore new and interesting things.

Two women catch up through 'coffee lucky dip'. They're leaning in over a café table, smiling for the camera.

“Thanks Helga, it’s a great initiative, and I do really appreciate your time in coordinating it. It’s often difficult to network outside of your own direct network and this is a way to do so.” Nicole

“Your generosity in organising the coffee lucky dip is fantastic. I really enjoyed meeting with Nicole and as she mentioned this is a great way of broadening our networks and meeting fabulous, interesting people. I’m sure we will keep in touch!” Kelly

“I really enjoyed meeting Antonia and hearing about her work and background. It was interesting for me to hear about her various writing projects and versatile career.” Penny

“I wanted to say thanks for the 50 coffees program – you matched me up with Cherry and we met up on Monday. Could have chatted for hours! I found Cherry’s board experiences over a six-year period very interesting to hear – first as a board member for Yachting Vic and then President. Her financial training program looks like it might be valuable too for the confidence of women going onto boards or leadership positions.” Kate

Two women catch up through 'coffee lucky dip'. They're sitting at an outside café table, smiling at the camera.

“Helga, here are Jane and I having our ‘coffee’ just now. We had lots to talk about including the Equity and Diversity agenda. An hour wasn’t enough so we’re going to meet again in a month. Thanks so much for the intro!”

“Thanks so much Helga for organising the catch up with Trinity. I really enjoyed meeting her and I’m sure we’ll keep in touch. I learnt a lot about refrigeration and it was lovely to see Trinity’s passion for her business. I felt that I can help her in making some connections as well as thinking outside the box.” Margaret

“Leonie and I had our coffee catch up which I really appreciated. I definitely got a lot out of the catch up, including encouragement to join a board. I learnt that Leonie has a wealth of experience empowering women in their careers.” Ellen Mitchell.

“Laura and I just caught up for coffee. Your coffee catch up is a great idea and it was lovely meeting Laura. We talked non-stop for an hour! We talked about careers, family, networking – a whole range of things. It was very refreshing to have such an open conversation and, although we just met, such a high level of trust. I am looking forward to catching up with Laura again. Especially given that we may soon be work neighbours. Thanks again Helga. And thanks Laura. It was lovely meeting you.” Kathryn Franklin

“Thank you so much for orchestrating the coffee lucky dip. I met up with coffee buddy and had a great time. Something I learnt… learnt about the commercialisation of academic research in Australia. Also, it was a really good reminder to me about stepping out of my comfort zone and to think broader than ‘my bubble’ – which are very valuable reminders at this point in time in my life.” KR

“Helga just a quick note to say that Rachel and I finally had coffee today at the Green Mile Café, Carlton and it was a great session. Thank you for linking two former North Americans together and the meeting has actually inspired me to look more into social investment opportunities for some of the charities I work with. Thank you for starting this initiative I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from both rounds of doing coffee!”
Jim Weber, Fundraising Fixers

“Fiona and I only just managed to align diaries for today and had an amazing chai/flat white talk. Without any prior collaboration or relationship, Fiona and I found out we have shared clients! We opened a free-flowing conversation about how we structure our respective consultative practices including:

  • Our focus on promoting women, return-to-work mums and diversity agendas
  • Transparency on consulting rates
  • Flexibility in the workplace
  • Women in leadership
  • The struggles maintaining an outcomes-based culture
  • How consulting is more than expertise, often solving huge business issues
  • An opportunity for Fiona to consult to my sister’s maternity fashion label.

Your coffee introduction has developed a great relationship and thank you for the opportunity!” Jeremy Crawford, Think Talent

“I met with Robert. It turned out that we knew a number of people in common and that we’d even worked with some of the same people over the years. While it was interesting to meet Robert, there weren’t really any synergies in career goals that we’re able to help each other with. Having said that, I’m still glad that I participated, so thank you very much for organising.” Claire

“Thanks for the opportunity to meet with Vicki. We had much in common and a lot to talk about. It is excellent to make new friends outside my usual network. We will certainly keep in touch.”

“Marg and I had a terrific chat. It was very useful for me to hear from someone else who has left long-term permanent work and now does a wide variety of projects. Marg was very generous with her ideas, stories and encouragement.

“I was pleased to be able to tell Marg about my experience so far with the CSL Future Makers Fellowship course and how it is helping me work out ‘where to next’ on my path to greater impact.

“Marg and I agreed to meet again in August, after CSL Retreat 2. Thanks again for facilitating such a clever and useful ‘lucky dip’ process.” Phil Jackson

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