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Episode 57: Rochelle Courtenay on using lessons from netball to build up your perfect board

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak with Rochelle Courtenay about being a founder of an organisation, board meetings and surrounding yourself with skills and strengths.

Rochelle is Share the Dignity’s founder and managing director; the title she is most proud of though is ‘Pad Lady’. Rochelle has led a team of volunteers collecting around 2.5 million sanitary products across Australia. When Rochelle first learnt of homeless women going without basic sanitary items during their menstrual cycle, she decided the question was not ‘why is no one doing anything?’, but rather ‘what’s stopping me from doing something?’.

In March 2015, Rochelle took matters into her own hands collecting sanitary items with her local community and distributing to local shelters. As a result, a simple idea of giving dignity to women, Share the Dignity was created and has grown to a national charity. Consequently, it has over 5,000 volunteers Australia wide, and most noteworthy, provides multiple initiatives aimed at giving dignity to women.

But going from idea to implementation came with a set of challenges Rochelle was ready for, because… netball!?

Headshot of Rochelle Courtenay.

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