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Episode 133: Michelle Redfern takes lessons from the pitch into the boardroom

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’m speaking with Michelle Redfern about building a board portfolio – aligned with interests, purpose and skills.

Michelle is chair of Speckle Financial Health and also a member of Wayfinder Steering Committee. She is also the former deputy chair of Good Shepherd Microfinance and a former board member of Williamstown Football Club, The Gippsland League and Swinburne University Business without Borders. She began her board career as secretary for Highvale Netball Association.

Today Michelle is the founder of Advancing Women, an enterprise providing research and advisory services on workplace gender equality, inclusion and diversity. She is co-host of A Career that Soars!, co-founder of CDW (Culturally Diverse Women) and host of the Lead to Soar podcast.

Headshot of Michelle Redfern.

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