Board evaluations

The regular appraisal of boards and directors

‘With attention on corporate governance and accountability increased by the Royal Commission’, demand for board evaluations continues to increase. 

Depending on the board’s requirements, board reviews can involve some or all of these tools:

  • Tailored board performance survey – which can be for the board as a whole and/or evaluate each board member individually.
  • One-on-one interviews – with each board member as well as the CEO and COO.
  • Board report – including findings and recommendations.
  • Facilitated workshop with the board – to explore results.
  • Half-day workshop with the board – to explore the report and agree on actions.
  • Or, a 60 to 90-minute board discussion – to explore the report and agree on actions.

All board evaluation clients are offered a discount on a spot in my Take on Board: Accelerator for one of their women board members.

Helga understands strategy development and has skillfully worked with our board and management to strengthen and refine our strategy over the last 12 months. Helga’s approach to facilitating strategy development is very effective as she is skilled at quickly understanding the essence of diverse views and working them into a unified narrative. I am particularly impressed by Helga’s ability to understand the components of strategy and where the work needs to be done to build a strong, supported and effective strategy.

Paul Murfitt, CEO Moreland Energy Foundation Limited

When it is held

Depending on the tools required, it can take 4-10 days spread over 1-2 months.

Who is this for

Organisations who need a thorough assessment of the performance of the board and individual directors.

How much it costs

Contact me for pricing.


I take on 10 board evaluations each year. Contact me to check availability or to be added to the waiting list.

How it works

  • 1
    Contact me to discuss and agree on the specific review objectives.
  • 2
    I send through the board assessment proposal.
  • 3
    We collaborate – surveys, interviews and workshop.
  • 4
    I guide the board to clear recommendations and actionable outcomes.
  • 5
    Outcomes are presented in a report and maybe a workshop as well.

Or, maybe you need…

Strategy and planning workshop
(boards and organisations)

Bring your board, leadership team and stakeholders together to define purpose and priorities to develop a high-level plan.

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