Strategy and planning workshop

When it is held

Depending on the tools required, it can take a number of days spread over 1-3 months.

Who is this for

Organisations who need to bring their board, leadership team and stakeholders together to define purpose and priorities to develop a high-level plan.

How much it costs

Contact me for pricing.


I facilitate a limited number or workshops each year. Contact me to check availability or to be added to the waiting list.

Working together to define purpose and priorities

My model for strategic planning is based on three key elements:

  • Developing purpose – vision, purpose, values
  • Priorities – areas of focus (e.g. goals/strategies/objectives, measures and targets)
  • The plan – who is doing what, when and how

Helga understands strategy development and has skillfully worked with our board and management to strengthen and refine our strategy over the last 12 months. Helga’s approach to facilitating strategy development is very effective as she is skilled at quickly understanding the essence of diverse views and working them into a unified narrative. I am particularly impressed by Helga’s ability to understand the components of strategy and where the work needs to be done to build a strong, supported and effective strategy.

How it works

  • 1
    The inception meeting – discuss and agree objectives.
  • 2
    Engagement and participation in the outcomes-focused workshop.
  • 3
    Workshop outcomes are outlined and presented in a plan.

Or, maybe you need…

Initiate social and behavioural change by identifying and then engaging stakeholders in a safe and supportive forum.

Invest in and support the team’s leadership skills through a half or full-day workshop.

Public speaking

Topical and inspirational speeches that engage business professionals and leaders at all levels in the organisation.

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