One-off strategy session

When it is held

Choose a one-off 60 or 90-minute session, any time of the year. Extended sessions are also available.

Who is this for

Those who want to work on a specific leadership, career or life challenge.

How much it costs

Find out pricing when you book through Calendly:
60-minute strategy session
90-minute strategy session


I have capacity for 2-3 strategy sessions a month.

Let's work on a specific leadership, career or life challenge

A very fun group shot of the May 2019 KickStarter alumni, with part of my head in the foreground and the huddled and laughing group in the background.

Thanks again for helping me get through a really thick brick wall last year. I was going around in circles, totally lost as to what was real and valuable to me. You helped me pin down what I really wanted in life and this gave me the courage to make the big decisions I needed to make, which would take me to where I am now, quite content and working towards a new career as a community development officer!

How it works

  • 1
    Choose either a 60 or 90-minute session in Calendly.
  • 2
    Select a date and time in Calendly, then fill in your form to give me some background about your challenge.
  • 3
    Submit the booking and you’ll be sent a calendar invite.
  • 4
    The session will be held in my office or via Zoom
  • 5
    And afterwards, don’t forget to let me know how it all goes…

Or, maybe you need…

Tailored nine-session coaching program over six months to develop individual leadership capabilities and support career progression and challenges.

Tailored coaching to develop individual board skills and support directorship progression.

Choose a 60 or 90-minute session to work on a specific board challenge. Or, maybe you need a VIP day.

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