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Episode 97: Repa Patel on what appreciative inquiry is and how can your board use it effectively

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak with Repa Patel about board leadership through disruption, using ‘appreciative inquiry’ to engage people’s hearts and minds and drive exponential growth.

Repa is on the board of  and the former chair  the Multicultural Centre for Womens Health.

She was formerly the company secretary to the State Library of Victoria board.

Repa is the author of Elevate – a new path for leaders to navigate uncertainty. She is a facilitator, executive coach and former board chair, known for her insightful and compassionately challenging approach and works with leadership teams and boards to increase engagement, customer satisfaction and business growth by engaging the hearts and minds of leaders.

Oh and there are details about a giveaway in this conversation.

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