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Episode 76: Caitlin Murdock on personal liability for company tax debts and to avoid trouble

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak to Caitlin Murdock about how directors can become personally liable for company tax debts and recent legislative changes that have broadened scope of director liability.

Caitlin is a solicitor at Holding Redlich in the Dispute Resolution & Litigation group with a particular expertise in tax. Caitlin is also a chartered tax adviser. Caitlin’s practice covers all aspects of taxation and has a particular focus on indirect taxes and tax controversy.

Caitlin has diverse experience advising a range of clients from small businesses though to global entities in Australia and abroad. She lays out what you need to be aware of before you even join a board and how you can protect yourself from personal liability.

You can find Caitlin on:

The resource Sandra mentions:

Headshot of Caitlin Murdock. She's grinning and looking straight at the camera. She's wearing a white t-shirt under a black jacket. Her dark hair is long and straight, with a part down the middle.

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