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Episode 75: Lizzie O’Shea on what you need to know about collecting data and other digital tools

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak to Lizzie O’Shea about ethical uses of data and other digital tools.

Lizzie is on the boards of Digital Rights Watch, Alliance for Gambling Reform, Blueprint for Free Speech and was previously on the board of National Justice Project.

She is a lawyer, writer, and broadcaster. Lizzie’s commentary is featured regularly on national television programs and radio, usually talking about law, digital technology, corporate responsibility, or human rights. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Guardian, and Sydney Morning Herald, among others. Lizzie is also the author of Future Histories (Verso 2019).

You can find Lizzie on:

The resource Lizzie mentions:

Headshot of Lizzie O'Shea. She has her head cocked slightly to one side, with a slight smile. She has dark shoulder-length hair, She's wearing a leather jacket.l

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