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Episode 66: Jane Crombie on why this board culture is not going to innovate itself

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak to Jane Crombie about innovative way for boards to oversee culture.

Jane is on the Freemasons Board of Benevolence and the Anglican Schools Commission board. She’s on governance committees for PwC, AMA Qld, SecondBite, ImpaQt Queensland and a Fintech start-up

Jane’s background is in financial services. Her governance experience ranges from an outback bush nursing association, to chair of an investment committee overseeing $1 billion in client funds. Having competed as a healthtech entrepreneur at a global MBA start-up competition, she has a first-hand understanding of digital innovation and venture capital.

Jane is a board and governance specialist at Directors Australia advising boards on ESG and sustainability, investment governance and oversight of culture.

And there is a surprising reveal from us both in this episode!

Headshot of Jane Crombie.

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