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Episode 50: Susan Staples on a board’s role in rethinking risk

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, things are a little different.

You will hear from Susan Staples, a governance and risk specialist with extensive experience in sustainability, health and not-for-profit. She’s interested in how governance supports better risk management, including supporting ‘better’ decision-making (e.g. decision-making that takes into account a range of competing stakeholder interests).

Her specialties include risk management, board advisory, corporate governance, stakeholder engagement, governance and project management. Specific subject matter specialties in board governance, risk strategy and sustainability advisory services.

She’s a forward and creative thinker, able to ‘join the dots. Susan will have you approaching in a different and possibly more holistic way.

Download a copy of Susan’s presentation, The Board’s Role in Risk.

You can find Susan on:

Headshot of Susan Staples.

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