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Episode 3: Michelle Shepherd on how to not let imposter syndrome get in your way to the boardroom

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’ll be speaking with Michelle Shepherd about what it takes to get on a Board. We also talk about imposter syndrome, her ‘year of yes’ and how it led her to being on the Jane Goodall Institute of Australia Board. Michelle has a strong “don’t give up” attitude, and encourages you to find your tribe and encourage other women to also come on the journey.

Let me tell you a little bit about Michelle. Michelle is a results driven, innovative thinker and an experienced team builder. She’s skilled in strategy, publicity, stakeholder liaison and team management, business development, event management and brand development across the creative industries commercial and not for profit organizations.

She’s the Deputy Chair of the Jane Goodall Institute of Australia. And she’s done the Foundation of Governance program with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I first met Michelle when I was engaged by the Jane Goodall Institute to support the recruitment of new board members. I met her when I interviewed her for the board role. She impressed me in that interview with her passion, her wisdom and both her emotional and intellectual intelligence.

I’m super pleased that she’s agreed to speak with me today and share some of that spark with you.

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