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Episode 252: Philippa Taylor explores getting along with fellow board members isn’t always what’s best

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Today on the Take on Board podcast I’m speaking with Philippa Taylor about capitalising on diverse behavioural styles at the board table.

Philippa is on the boards of the Institute of Social Neuroscience Psychology, We Make a Difference Limited and also an independent member of the RMIT University Nominations, Remuneration & People Committee.

She was formerly on the boards of Raiz Invest (ASX:RZI), Western Leisure Services, Apollo League, and the International Women’s Development Agency.

Philippa brings a strong people-lens to the boardroom, leveraging her background as a CEO, Chief People Officer and partner-equivalent in professional services driving workplace transformations to maximise financial and technological opportunities. She is also a mentor, an executive coach, a wife, a mum and a lover of Bernese Mountain dogs.

Professional headshot photograph of Philippa Taylor.

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