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Episode 244: Ruhee Meghani explains how to prioritise purpose-led leadership development and wellbeing

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Today on the Take on Board podcast I’m speaking with Ruhee Meghani about inclusion and wellbeing in the boardroom.

Ruhee is on the Regional Advisory Council at the Victorian Multicultural Commission. She previously chaired the first global South Asian Employee Resource Group for a major retail brand.

Ruhee is the founder of Allied Collective, Australia’s first inclusive facilitation & wellbeing agency that prioritises purpose-led leadership development through future focused training. With over 12 years of experience across wellbeing, retail, advertising, sports management, hospitality. Ruhee is a thought leader in inclusive wellbeing, a Yoga philosophy teacher and a public speaker. With an academic background in psychology & business management, she brings a unique perspective on how we live & work whilst balancing wellbeing.

Professional headshot of Ruhee Meghani

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