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Episode 213: Madeleine Babiolakis on leadership skills, voluntary boards and a career portfolio

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Today on the Take on Board podcast I’m speaking with Madeleine Babiolakis about building leadership skills in a new world of work. Plus, Madeleine is pro adding voluntary boards earlier in your board career and shares the benefits of a career portfolio. Balancing it all is possible!

Madeline is on the boards of ACCE and Women’s Leadership Institute Australia (WLIA). She was formerly on the board of IABC Victoria.

Madeleine is the Founder and Director of Shape & Impact, a consulting and advisory practice helping purpose-led organisations achieve strategic impact. A former journalist and press secretary, Madeleine has advised Ministers, CEOs and heads of large organisations and now helps stakeholders across government, technology and education sectors around the world navigate disruptive change. She is a passionate advocate of building leadership skills through a career portfolio, which has seen her join three boards in as many years.

Headshot of Madeleine Babiolakis

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