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Episode 20: Kellie O’Callaghan on putting consumers at the heart of governance

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I chat with Kellie O’Callaghan about governance challenges and one of her passions, putting consumers at the heart of governance and how boards can respectfully engage with community stakeholders. We’re looking at you social media.

This conversation will also touch on the importance working through the uncomfortable topics around the board table, embracing disruptors and non-traditional leaders.

Kelly is recognised for her strong leadership in health, community services and governance. She’s a well-respected community leader and influencer with a passion for health, consumer and community engagement.

Kelly served for many years as the chair of Regional Health Service board is a long-serving elected councillor and former mayor. She has served on a range of state boards and committees. She’s a proud Gippslander who has navigated being the centre of Facebook Live meetings with respect for her community. But how does she cope with all those trolls?

Headshot of Kellie O'Callaghan.

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