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Episode 174: Mags Bell and silencing the inner critic

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’m speaking with Mags Bell about silencing the inner critic.

Mags Bell is an international speaker, author and awareness expert, who works with major influencers and leaders around the world, to Cut, Polish and Reset their inner diamonds allowing them to step up into LeadingME®

With her 25+ years in business and speaking, also over 60,000 hrs in coaching, she assists those top influencers and leaders to their authentic balanced self, which makes them a better decision maker, leading to a less complicated life both privately and in business. She enables them to bring out their own brilliance which propels the creation of powerful results.

She lives with her love and partner in life of 32 years, Paul & her fur-baby Rory on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Headshot of Mags Bell

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