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Episode 163: Cynthia Mahoney on mapping emotional intelligence in the boardroom

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Cynthia Mahoney talks to us about Emotional Capital Reports and how they might be of value in the boardroom. Cynthia was previously on the boards of Australasia-Pacific Extension Network, and Northeast Rural Financial Counselling Service.

Today, Cynthia is a facilitator, coach, mentor, speaker and author with a passion for personal disruption, neuroscience, positive psychology, and well being. Her mantra taken from the latest neuroscience research is that happier people are higher performing, and she strives to help leaders and teams achieve this in the workplace.

Her first book, ‘Cultivate‘ is about how neuroscience and well being support rural leaders to thrive. It helps leaders understand how to use the latest brain science and positive psychology and add to their toolkits with practical ways to thrive in our modern world that is full of disruption and change.

Cynthia has created a way to combine her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for developing people to be their best and her skills and talent in facilitation. Her journey of self discovery along with her empathy, authenticity, and commitment to courage, growth, and self leadership, enable her to help people, teams and organisations make positive change and achieve professional and personal success.

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