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Episode 158: Shweta Maniar on getting that first board position and bringing diverse thinking to the table

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’m speaking with Shweta Maniar about how she networked her way to the boardroom, including non-traditional roles and background and how that can bring diversity of experience, thought and decisions to the boardroom.

Shweta is on the boards of Seaspine (NASDAQ: SPNE), a global spinal technology company, and for RXSight (NASDAQ: RXST), an ophthalmic medical technology company. Shweta brings an extensive network of established healthcare system relationships across Digital Health & Technology, Investor, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Hospital Systems Industries. She is passionate about keeping current with trends in medical devices, data, wearables, IoT, EHR (EMR), and machine learning.

At Google Cloud, Shweta is the strategy and market solution leader responsible for BioPharma in Healthcare and Life Sciences. Shweta has quickly risen through the ranks as a well-known innovator, game-changer, and relationship ambassador. She has proven time and time again how valuable relationships can be by enabling dozens of start-up firms with access to capital from Federal grants and VC firms alike.

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