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Episode 153: Take on Board breakfast with Tara Anderson on governing for profit and purpose

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Today’s episode was recorded at the second Take on Board Breakfast event on 3 May 2022.

Guests heard from Tara Anderson from the Dragonfly Collective. We talked governance for profit and purpose, and purpose is the part emphasis there.

Because a number of the Take on Board community are involved in governance of a range of organisations, and my view is every organisation, especially not-for-profits need to be financially sustainable. So ensuring that is super important.

Tara has some incredible and practical wisdom to share here about governing for profit and purpose. She’s worked in organisations across the world. So she or she has a great wealth of experience to draw on.

And she’s got some really fabulous resources and frameworks that I think will help all of us in these conversations that we wrestle with now, and even more so into the future, in the boardroom.

Tune in next week for the animated Q&A session from this breakfast, plus questions we didn’t have time for in the Take on Board breakfast.

Tara Anderson

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