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Episode 149: Carly Jordan on exactly what it takes to join your first board and why it’s such a good idea

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In September 2021, Carly joined the board of South West Community Foundation, a philanthropic trust created by the people of south-west Victoria. Funded by local donations, the trust provides small but vital grants to community organisations across the region.

She is the co-founder of City2Country – an innovative project that assists migrants and refugees to relocate from cities to south-west Victoria to build resilient, diversified and sustainable intercultural communities.

Carly’s vast life experiences – including working in international aid and development in a remote village in Cambodia – brings a global perspective to her local region. Her experience has affirmed her innate respect for people of all cultures and shaped her as a leader who is passionate and driven to help migrants and refugees create meaningful lives in regional communities. She brings her passion for building cultural diversity to her role at Warrnambool City Council, where she managing the engaged communities team. She also hosts her own podcast: Me, Mark and a Migrant.

For her contribution to building and supporting culturally diverse regional communities, Carly received the Sally Isaac Memorial Scholarship Award in 2021, Inspiring Women of Moyne Award in 2020 and the Victorian Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award in 2019 (state finalist).

Carly Jordan

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