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Episode 145: Dr Zivit Inbar on leading from the top and avoiding all kinds of bias in the boardroom

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Today on the take on board podcast, I’m speaking with Zivit Inbar about leading organisational culture from the top and shielding from biases in the boardroom.

First, let me tell you about Zivit it is on the boards of rural Northwest Health and a member of Standards Australia AI trustworthiness and governance committees. She is also a member of the Harvard Alumni entrepreneurs leadership team in Australia.

Zivit is the founder and CEO of Different Thinking, a consulting practice that specializes in people culture, leadership and performance strategies for growth. It has over 20 years of experience at executive and board levels spanning private and listed local and global organisations.

She is an adjunct professor at Deakin University’s MBA program, a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School executive program in leadership decision making and leadership in uncertain times, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a fellow certified member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. She also has a Ph.D. focused on strategic thinking and strategy implementation by Western companies operating in China.

Finally, Zivit is the author of the Ethical Kaleidoscope: Values, Ethics and Corporate Governance with co-author, Doug Long.

Dr Zivit Inbar

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