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Episode 142: Barbara Ryan on pharma and biotech boards, M&A and an NYC clone of the Take on Board podcast

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I talk to Barbara Ryan about her journey to the boardroom. Barbara began her career on Wall Street as a sell side analyst covering the large-cap pharma industry for over 30 years. Following her career on the street. She founded her own capital market strategic advisory firm in 2013 and has led the investor relations and communication efforts for a variety of biopharma companies.

She has played a leading role in raising well over $1.5 billion in capital for development and early commercial-stage biotechs and has advised on large M&A transactions including Shire + AbbVie and Shire + Bexalta. She’s a corporate board member in both public and private boardrooms with expertise in healthcare and life science capital markets.

Barbara is currently on the boards of INVO Bioscience, MiNK Therapeutics, OcuTerra and Safecore Health. Barbara is also the founder of Fabulous Pharma Females, a nonprofit organisation and a community of empowered women leaders with a shared commitment to elevating women across the biopharmaceutical industry.

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