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Episode 135: Jenny Selway is pro engineers in the boardroom and wants more

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’m speaking with Jenny Selway about climate governance and the role of engineers. We also touch on starting on a board journey and career transitions.

Jenny is a non-executive director and engineer, currently serving on the Agribio board, an agricultural research facility, Public Private Partnership and Joint Venture between the Victorian state government and Latrobe University.

Specialising in international joint ventures and strategic asset management from her time at ExxonMobil, Jenny has worked with globally listed and govt partners to find collaborative business solutions in complex, highly regulated environments. 

Currently undertaking postgraduate studies in climate change policy at ANU, Jenny is passionate about using her unique combination of commercial, technical and governance skills to progress the transition to sustainable energy in Australia.

Headshot of Jenny Selway.

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