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Episode 127: Boards and the law. Dr Niki Vincent says it’s time to work on your gender action plan.

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​Today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak with Dr Niki Vincent about the new Victorian requirements for some organisations to have a gender action plan.

Dr Niki Vincent commenced in the role of Victoria’s first Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner in October 2020. She’s currently on the Board of InTouch and has an extensive list of previous directorships.

Niki has a wealth of experience in gender equality and organisational leadership. This includes most recently serving as the South Australian Commissioner for Equal Opportunity from May 2016.

Prior to her appointment as Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Niki held the position of CEO of the Leaders Institute of South Australia as well as a concurrent appointment as a member of the SA Remuneration Tribunal.

She has an award-winning PhD in psychology (adult development and leadership).

A mother of four adult children, nine grandchildren and two young adult stepchildren, Niki has also been a foster mum for five years. Her now 18-year-old Liberian foster daughter joined her for the move to Melbourne.

Niki spends her sparse free time walking and hiking, seeing films, listening to Radio National podcasts and audiobooks, and camping in remote places.

She is currently on the hunt for walking and hiking buddies in Victoria – especially the variety that are not early morning people!


Episode 127 - Dr Niki Vincent

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