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Episode 118: Sandie de Wolf runs through a case study on what works when mentoring

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Last week on Take on Board you heard from Megan May about being a mentee. So today on the Take on Board podcast, I speak with Sandie de Wolf about being a mentor in the same program. We’ll also touch on the Board relationship with the CEO and reporting to boards.

Sandie chairs the Eastern Domestic Violence Service and the Western Integrated Family Violence Committee and she’s also on the board of Kilfinan Australia and is deputy chair of the Victorian Children’s Council.

She’s previously been on the boards of Families Australia, Great Connections, Centre for Excellence, Family Planning Victoria, Cenitex and others.

Sandie has spent her professional career working with others to prevent violence to women and children and help them recover. She started as a social worker in Broadmeadows with what is now Department of Families, Fairness and Housing Victoria. She has worked in the community sector since 1989. Her most significant leadership role was as CEO of Berry Street, which she did for 26 years.

Headshot of Sandie de Wolf.

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