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Episode 113: Brynn O’Brien deep dives into environmental and social governance (ESG) (Take on Board breakfast special feature, part 1)

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, Brynn O’Brien shares her ESG insights with the Take on Board community with a focus on climate change, The time to act was yesterday and this will help you help your boards get started if you haven’t.

This presentation was part of August’s Take on Board breakfast event. Brynn has tips on how to approach ESG, how to get buy in from the board and encourage them to start pulling together policies around ESG and climate change.

Then Brynn fields questions from women who joined the event. There were so many amazing questions, a second podcast with just questions and insightful responses form Brynn will be released soon. So, subscribe so you don’t miss out.

This podcast has been edited for time. If you want to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to network with amazing women, learn about board openings and gain insights to help you in your board roles or just life, join the Take on Board community so you can come along to the next one.

Headshot of Brynn O'Brien.

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