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Episode 110: My top tips on co-chairing a board

Woo! Today is the day to hear the first full episode of the Take on Board podcast! Sandra Loader shares some amazing insights about being on a Board, having courage in the boardroom, and frank and fearless feedback. She also has a fabulous tool for checking for diversity in your ‘trust circle‘.

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, I talk about co-chairing boards and committees.

I’ve been a fan of job-share for years… as long as it’s done well.

I think some of the principles of good job-sharing can easily apply to boardroom roles such as chairing the board or committees.

I talk about some co-chairing principles and then walk you through an example of when  I was co-chair of an organisation. It wasn’t perfect, but we did it! So you can learn from what worked well and what could have been improved. If anything it will gives you something to think about!

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