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Look at how you want to feel to set goals for the future

One of the highlights of coaching and facilitation work is looking back over the past year and setting goals and intentions for the future.

Most goal-setting tools focus on moving forward, building up and looking for the big challenges. My RSVP reflection and goal-setting tool works a little differently. RSVP focuses on your strengths and how you want to feel in order to set goals for the future.

Values and superpowers. If you’ve ever worked with me before, you know that I place values and strengths at the core of everything I do.

I use RSVP with my one-on-one individual coaching program clients, as well as a specific topic for some one-off strategy session clients. I always RSVP in the Take on Board podcast’s last episode of the year.

We RSVP in the final session of Take on Board Accelerator – my year-long program for women board members. There are always some great a-ha moments and inspirational revelations.

“I really liked the RSVP model,” said Dr Fiona Solomon, CEO, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. “Twenty minutes before the session I thought oops was there homework, but as you had said, it wasn’t needed!”

“The combination of solo-thinking time and couple-chat time was such a great model for working through the steps. Talking about goals after the prior discussion (review the year, superpowers, values) brought out different ideas for me. I can see it being a great annual exercise for the team – and it has come up in multiple discussions since the session. For me, the flow of RSVP reflections led to a fresh idea for one of my goals for 2023 which I wouldn’t have come at otherwise.”

What is RSVP?

It’s just four easy steps:

  • R = review. Look back over the past year
  • S = superpowers. What are you awesome at and should do more of?
  • V = values. What are the emotions/feelings you want more of next year?
  • P = purpose. Start with the end in mind – what’s your purpose for next year?

After considering a number of questions and prompts, my RSVP process will ask you to identify three key observations (R = review), your three strengths (S = superpowers) and your three values/emotions (V = values).

Then you’ll bring it all together at the end to set your purpose and three goals for next year (P = purpose). Why three? Three is achievable. Setting too many goals can lead to overwhelm and inaction.

In 2018, I noticed that I got energy from bringing people together through groups and events. So, my goals revolved around more group work and establishing the Take on Board podcast and community of women. I put it out there and took action! 

I invite you to RSVP!

Download the RSVP worksheet and fill out the prompts and questions. It usually takes clients and Accelerator groups around an hour to do. Those who do it on their own often stop and start, taking the time to think through the prompts.

I encourage you to take the time to really get to know your values and identify your superpowers. If you get stuck, the worksheet has a link to a list of values. Don’t know your superpowers? Ask family, friends and colleagues. 

My superpowers are:

  • Connecting (of course!)
  • Building confidence in people to take action
  • Being positive and optimistic

I love hearing RSVP results! Feel free to email me and tell me about your goals and anything else you discovered through the RSVP process. Put it out there and take action!

Ideas to Action

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